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Best Collection of New English Funny SMS at Funny SMS

A collection of english funny sms text messages, jokes and humorous text messages. To send to amuse and please your friends with these great funny mobile english funny sms. You can also submit english funny sms here.

Latest English Funny SMS:

  • Mental
    Laughing is the best then medicine.
    if you are laughing without a reason,
    you need medicine.

  By: Ammár_Chán   Send To Mobile
  • I Am Rich
    Boy: Hi
    Girl: What??

    Boy: How R U??
    Girl: Do I Know U??

    Boy: I Am Rich..

    Girl: Oh Hi, My Name Is Samantha But U Call Me "Sam".
    I'm 18 & I Stay At Victoria Street.
    I Love Short Dark Men, Specially Like U..
    I'm Glade To Meet U.
    So When We Are Going Out..??

    Boy: No, No, "Rich" Is My Name.

    Girl: Sorry I Don't Talk To Strangers.. ;-)


  By: Asad   Send To Mobile
  • Y Girls r Shorter Than Guys
    Do U Know
    Y Girls r Shorter
    Than Guys..??
    When They Hug Each Other
    The Boy Lets
    His Head Rest On Her
    Shoulder & He Can See
    The Another Girls
    Behind Her...
    The Girl Rests Her Head
    On His Heart & Feel
    Herself Secured By His
    Pocket Full Of Money
    And Completely
    Surrenders Her Life To
    Him ... :-D ;-)
    How Realistic.. :-)

  By: Husnain Nawaz   Send To Mobile
  • Lady On Phone
    Lady On Phone..
    Hi Sir, I want To Meet & Talk To U.
    U Are
    The father Of 1 Of My Kids.
    Man Stunnd: Omg!
    R U Riya..?
    Lady in Confusion:
    No Sir..
    I am The Class Teacher Of Ur Son.. ;-)


  By: Husnain Nawaz   Send To Mobile
  • After A Terrible Fight
    After A Terrible Fight..
    Wife: I want to hear a last word from your mouth
    and after that, I'll permanently go to my mother's house..
    Husband: "TAXI"... ;-)


  By: Maha Abro   Send To Mobile
  • Surprised
    Husband To Wife:
    "Wow Darling..,
    The House is So clean..!!!
    Was the WhatsApp Server down

    Wife: No..
    Husband: (Surprised)

    Wife: I Lost my Phone Charger,
    had to put things in place
    to look for it... :-)

  By: Husnain Nawaz   Send To Mobile
  • Engagement & Marriage
    When There Is a Long Gap Between
    Engagement & Marriage,,
    Who Is Most Benefited ?
    It's The
    Mobile Company.. :-)

  By: Naila Soomro   Send To Mobile
  • A man walks into a Bar
    A man walks into a Bar and orders a shot of Whiskey
    then looks into his pocket.
    He does this over and over again.

    Finally, the bartender asks:
    "Why you order a shot of whiskey and
    afterwards look into his pocket.

    The man responded:
    "I have a picture of my wife in there
    and when she starts to look good
    then i'll go home".. ;-)

  By: Naghma Khan   Send To Mobile
  • Don't be
    .* Don't be s0 Pr0fessional & Busy that u f0rget urself & ur friends
    in the end
    U w0uld be like
    Wh0 b0iled
    his watch
    in place of egg

    Albert Einstein
    wh0 in his life
    didn't c0mb his hairs
    L0uis Pasteur
    wh0 even f0rg0t
    t0 reach in his
    0wn wedding.

    Dedicated t0
    all my hardw0rking
    & busy Friends...!

  By: Adnan Shalmani   Send To Mobile
  • Girls are over Imaginative
    Girls are over Imaginative..

    A Boy sends a text..

    Boy: Hey

    Girl (to herself):
    OMG..he just textd me..
    I wonder what he wants..
    maybe he just wants to talk..
    or maybe he's mad at me,
    but all he said was hey..
    I should just answer him, dont want to keep him waiting..
    well maybe I'll wait another 3 minutes so he thinks I m busy..
    no, that's too obvious.
    Could this mean he's into me? Or is
    he just bored? Either way is fine,
    I mean I don't care if he likes me
    back. Who said that I even liked him?
    huh.. I'm gonna text back now.
    Should I reply hi or hey. Hey with 3 y's?
    No that's stupid. 2 y's work.
    He wont know if I did it on purpose or if it was accidental.
    Ok! I got this. Breathe in, breathe out.

    Girl: Heyy !!!

    Boy: plz mark my attendance at college.. ;-)

  By: Maha Abro   Send To Mobile
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