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Best Collection of New English Funny SMS at Funny SMS

A collection of english funny sms text messages, jokes and humorous text messages. To send to amuse and please your friends with these great funny mobile english funny sms. You can also submit english funny sms here.

Latest English Funny SMS:

  • Updated Status
    Once A Guy Updated His Status:
    I am Gonna Sleep Shirtless Tonight"
    After 15 Minutes..
    21 Mosquitos Liked His Status.. :-D


  By: Naila Soomro   Send To Mobile
  • Fresh Air
    Mom Of The Millenium:

    A Girl Tells Her Mom:
    "I Want Some Fresh Air,
    Can I Go 4 a Walk.?"
    "Alright, But Ask Ur Fresh Air To Leave U Home By 9 PM" :-)


  By: Naila Soomro   Send To Mobile
  • Makeup Early Morning
    A Wife Doing Her Makeup Early Morning
    Straight Out From Bed..

    Husband: Are U Crazy.??

    Wife: Just Shut Up.
    I Need To Unlock My Phone.
    Its On Face Recognition Feature
    It Is Not Recognizing Me.. :-(

    Husband: :-D :-)


  By: Naila Soomro   Send To Mobile



  By: Adeel   Send To Mobile
  • What Is Wife
    If Husband Is The Head Of The Family,

    Then What Is Wife??
    Wife Is The Neck Of The Family

    Which Can Turn The Head Anywhere. :-D


  By: Sumaira Malik   Send To Mobile
  • Mere Liye Rishtay
    Larki: Mere Liye Rishtay Aarahy Hen,
    Kuch Kero..

    Santa: Haan Janu, Kal Se
    "Dusri" Hi Dhoond Raha Hun.. :-) :-D


  By: Haya Ali   Send To Mobile
  • A Male and A Female
    A woman gives birth to a baby
    and afterward the doctor comes
    into the room and says:
    "I have something to tell you about your child.."
    The woman slowly sits up with a worried look on her face and says: "What's Wrong with it?"
    The doctor says:
    "There's nothing really wrong with it, it's just a little
    different! It's a hermaphrodite."
    The woman looks confused:
    "A hermaphrodite, what's that?"
    The doctor replies:
    "It has both features of A Male and A Female."
    The Woman looks relieved:
    "What? You mean it has A Penis AND A Brain?" :-p :-D


  By: Sumaira Malik   Send To Mobile
  • Logical Thinker
    A Man In Night Club..
    Bartender: Who Are You? I’ve never seen you before.
    Man: Yeah! I just lost my job and came here for a drink.
    Bartender: What kind of Job?
    Man: Well. I am a Consultant.
    Bartender: Whats that?
    Man: Its a logical thinker.
    Bartender: Logical Think, what?
    Man: Let me explain it with an Example.
    Do you have a dog?
    Bartender: Yes!
    Man: That means you love animals.
    Bartender: True!
    Man: That mean you love your kids too.
    Bartender: Yes True!
    Man: You have Kids, that means you are Married.
    Bartender: Very True!
    Man: You love your Kids. You are still married,
    means you have a beautiful Wife.
    Bartender: Amazing man! How do you know all these?
    Man: Thats logical thinking now you are married
    to a lady, so you are not Gay!
    Bartender: Impressive!
    Man: Time to leave. Bye!
    (About 20 mins, later the Bartender’s Boss Comes)
    Bartender: Boss, you know I met a Consultant today.
    Boss: Consultant!! Whats that??
    Bartender: A logical thinker.
    Boss: Logical what??
    Bartender: I’ll explain it with an Example.
    Boss: Okay!
    Bartender: Do you have a DOG.?
    Boss: No!
    Bartender: That means you are Gay!
    BOSS DIED.. :-) :-D

  By: Naghma Khan   Send To Mobile
  • Kuch Din
    Boy: Hello, What's ur name?
    She: Hi..I'm "Palak"
    He: Nnice name.
    She: Thank you..
    Aur Phir kuchh Dino baad Me Boy Anr she
    mile, GF-BF bane,Shadi ki aur hasi-
    khusi zindgi Jine lage.
    Kahani khtm
    Moral :- agar "Palak-Panir" wala
    Bhutiyapa na karo to block bhi nahi
    hote aur ladki bhi patt jati hai. ;-)


  By: Naila Soomro   Send To Mobile
  • SUSU law
    Newton's SUSU law:

    No Matter how much U
    Press it,
    Shake it,
    Rotate it,
    Slap it,
    Strangle it,
    And Pull it..

    The Last Drop of Urine will
    Always Fall in Your Underwear. ;-)


  By: Husnain Nawaz   Send To Mobile
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