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Best Collection of New English Funny SMS at Funny SMS

A collection of english funny sms text messages, jokes and humorous text messages. To send to amuse and please your friends with these great funny mobile english funny sms. You can also submit english funny sms here.

Latest English Funny SMS:

  • Alarm Off
    Ittehaas Gawah Hai K

    Alarm Off

    Kerny K Baad
    Jo Neend Aati Hai,

    Wo Neend Raat Me Bhi Nahi Aati...;-p

    GooD MorninG
    Have A Nice Day

  By: Naghma Khan   Send To Mobile
  • Guys
    .* Guys I am so happy and proud of myself and I thought I should share this with you!!!
    Today I saw myself on TV,
    when I switched it off :D

  By: Adnan Shalmani   Send To Mobile
  • Mohabbat Meri
    Mohabbat Meri
    Jiyo Itna K Marna Mushkil Ho Jaye,
    Haso Itna K Rona Mushkil Ho Jaye,
    Kisiki Chahana Achhi Baat Hai,
    Magar Na Chaho Itna K Bhulana Muskil Ho Jaye.

    Sukun Mil Gaya Badnam Hokar,
    Har Ilzam Pe Bezubaan Hokar,

    Log Padh Lenge Aapko Ankho Me Mohabbat Meri,
    Chahe Aap Inkar Kar Do Aanjaan Hokar..

    Muskarana Tha Muskura Na Sake,
    Geet Khusiyon Ka Gaa Na Sake,
    Gair To Kabhi Aapne Nahi Bante,
    Hum To Aapno Ko Bhi Aapna Bana Na Sake..!

  By: junaid   Send To Mobile
  • Stupid Gift
    My Girlfriend Told Me
    If I Bought Her One More Stupid Gift
    She Would Burn It
    So I Bought Her A Candle..;-p

  By: Maha Abro   Send To Mobile
  • An Aeroplane asks a Rocket
    An Aeroplane asks a Rocket:
    How is that you can fly so fast?

    The Rocket replies:
    You will know the pain,
    when they put fire at your back...;-p


  By: Naila Soomro   Send To Mobile
  • Young couple were on their Honeymoon
    A young couple were on their honeymoon.
    The husband was sitting in the bathroom saying to himself:
    "Now how can I tell my wife that
    I've got really smelly feet and that my socks absolutely stink?
    I've managed to keep it from her while we were dating,
    but she's bound to find out sooner or later that
    my feet stink. Now how do I tell her?"

    Meanwhile, the wife was sitting in the bed saying to herself:
    "Now how do I tell my husband that I've got really bad breath?
    I've been very lucky to keep it from him while we were courting,
    but as soon as he's lived with me for a week,
    he's bound to find out. Now how do I tell him gently?"

    The husband finally plucks up enough courage
    to tell his wife and so he walks into the bedroom.
    He walks over to the bed,
    climbs over to his wife,
    puts his arm around her neck,
    moves his face very close to her's and says:
    "Darling, I've a confession to make."

    And she says, "So have I, love."

    He replies: "Don't tell me, you've eaten my socks"...;-p ;-)


  By: Sumaira Malik   Send To Mobile
  • A Man goes into a Pet Shop
    A Man goes into a Pet Shop to buy a Parrot.
    The shop owner points to three identical looking parrots
    on a perch and says:
    The parrot on the left costs 500 dollars.

    Man: "Why does the parrot cost so much?"

    Shop owner: "Well, the parrot knows how to use a computer".

    The man then asks about the next parrot
    to be told that this one costs 1,000 dollars
    because it can do everything the other parrot can do
    plus it knows how to use the UNIX operating system.

    Naturally, the increasingly startled Man
    asks about the third parrot
    to be told that it costs 2,000 dollars.

    Needless to say this begs the question:
    "What can it do?"

    Shop Owner:
    "To be Honest I have never seen it do a thing,
    but the Other Two call Him BOSS"..;-)


  By: Sumaira Malik   Send To Mobile
  • Husband was missing
    A distraught wife went to the local police station,
    along with her next-door neighbor,
    to report that her husband was missing..

    The policeman asked for
    a description of the missing man.

    The wife said:
    "He is 35 years old,
    6-foot 4-inches,
    has dark eyes,
    dark wavy hair,
    an athletic build,
    weighs 185 pounds,
    is soft-spoken,
    and is good to the children.."

    The next-door neighbor protested:
    "Your husband is 5-foot 8-inches,
    chubby, bald, has a big mouth,
    and is mean to your children."

    The wife replied:
    "Yes, but who wants HIM back?"..:-)

  By: Sumaira Malik   Send To Mobile
  • A Wife was making fried eggs
    A Wife was making fried eggs 4 breakfast.

    Suddenly her husband burst into da kitchen.”Careful, careful!!
    Put in some more oil!
    Oh my God! u r cooking 2 many at once.
    2 many! Turn them!! Turn them now!!
    We need more oil,Oh my God! where are we going 2 get more oil?
    They are going 2 Stick! Careful..careful!
    I said be careful!
    U never listen to me when u are cooking! turn them! hurry up! have u lost ur mind?
    Don’t forget to salt them.U know u always forget to salt them.Use da salt, use da salt! da salt"

    The wife stared at him & asked:
    What da hell is wrong wid u?
    Do u think i dont know how to fry a couple of eggs?”

    The Husband calmly replied:
    "I just wanted to show u what it feels
    like when I am driving wid u in da Car"..:-p

  By: Naila Soomro   Send To Mobile
  • Bewafa
    Pehle Zindagi Cheen Li Mujhse,
    Ab Meri Mout Ka Bhi Wo Fayda Uthati Hai,
    Meri Kabar Pe Phool Chadhane Ke Bhahane,
    Wo Kisi Aur Se Milne Aati Hai !!

  By: husnain   Send To Mobile
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