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Best Collection of New Adult SMS Jokes at Funny SMS

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Notice:The Dirty SMS Category which you are about to view may contain SMSs unsuitable for minors, these are mainly meant for Adult. SMSs may contain inappropriate language or subject. If you think this kind of SMS are inappropriate for you or your age is below 18, then you should not view this category.

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Latest Adult SMS Jokes:

  • Apni zehniyat ko saaf rakhen
    1 girl ask 2 pappu : Woh kia hai jo cow k paas 4 or mere paas 2 hain?
    Pappu : Legs

    Girl : Woh kia hai jo tumhari pant main hai aur meri pant mein nahi hai?
    Pappu: Paisay

    Girl : Woh kia hai jo log din main karne k bajaye ko raat bistar pe kartay hain
    Pappu: Neend puri karte hain.

    Girl : Woh kia hai jo larki pehli daffa karwate huye pain ki wajah se roti hai?
    Pappu : Kaan main ched.

    MORAL : Aap bhi apni zehniat pappu ki tarhan saaf rakhain.

  By: Farhan Rajput   Send To Mobile
  • Both are Pregnant
    What is the diference b/w Stress, Tension & Panic?
    Stress is when wife is pregnant,
    Tension is when girlfriend is pregnant &
    Panic is when both are pregnant.

  By: Farhan Rajput   Send To Mobile
  • Open your...
    A beautiful girl goes to Professor cabin and say that i will do anything to pass in the exams and professor says:
    Books And Study.

  By: Farhan Rajput   Send To Mobile
  • Types of SEX
    Teacher to student: there is two type of sex on earth i.e. male and female
    one student : teacher i know few more.
    teacher : what?
    student : bedroom sex, bathroom sex and online sex.....

  By: momi   Send To Mobile
  • hhheeeeee
    A daughter ask her mother;
    What is ishq ?
    What is pyar ?
    What is mohabbat ?

    Mom replied:-
    kuch nahi beti sab free mein sex k bahaney hain.

  By: momi   Send To Mobile
  • shocking
    pathan ka bura din.....

    darwaza khola tu kundi hath mein,

    nul khola tu tooti hath mein,

    suit case uthaya tu handle hath mein...

    ab dar raha hai susu karun yan na karun.

  By: momi   Send To Mobile
  • Harami Pan
    Jin: Kya hukum hai mere Aaqa?

    Aaqa: Pakistan se Load Shedding aur Mehngai kam kar do, aur Petrol sasta kar do.

    Jin: Aaqa! Hukum do "Harami Pan" mat karo.

  By: Jasper   Send To Mobile
  • Pregnancy
    Man to his doctor: Yaar agar wife pregnant ho jaye to konse month tak SEX ker saktey hein?

    Doctor: Jab tak bacha andar se "CHAK" na marey!

  By: Majid   Send To Mobile
  • Chowdhary aayega to Kaam karengy
    Wife A: I hate my Engineer Husband, "Erect & Erect".
    Wife B: I hate my Doctor Husband, "Inject & Inject".
    Wife C: You both are lucky, mine is Judge, "Tareekh pe Tareekh".
    Wife D: Tum mujhse ziyada lucky ho, I hate my Vakeel husband jo pichle ek saal se hartaal pe hai,
    Kehta hai Chowdhary aayega to Kaam karengy.

  By: Funter   Send To Mobile
  • What is Rape?
    A wise man asked: Explain What is Rape?

    He said: Its difficult Job, It is something like playing Golf with a moving Hole.

  By: Funter   Send To Mobile
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