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Best Collection of New Adult SMS Jokes at Funny SMS

World's Best adult sms SMS directory. Where you hundreds of Adult sms and jokes to send your friends. Here is a Latest Adult SMS, urdu Adult SMS, english Adult SMS, Adult SMS messages, Adult SMS collection, Fantastic Adult SMS messages, Hillarious Adult SMS messages, adult sms / text messages in roman urdu, hindi and english. some popular searches for such types of new sms messages includes funny adult sms, adult sms forwards, free adult sms, adult messages, adult sms jokes, hindi adult sms, urdu adult sms etc.. Adult ( Sexy ) SMS collection contains Adult ( Sexy ) SMS / Text Messages in English, Hindi & Urdu. Browse through and send your favorite Adult ( Sexy ) SMS to your friends using your mobile phone.

Notice:The Dirty SMS Category which you are about to view may contain SMSs unsuitable for minors, these are mainly meant for Adult. SMSs may contain inappropriate language or subject. If you think this kind of SMS are inappropriate for you or your age is below 18, then you should not view this category.

Disclaimer: The viewing discrimination is the sole responsibility of the visitor, if you think this kind of SMSs are inappropriate for you, then you may leave.

Latest Adult SMS Jokes:

  • A Very Shy Young Man Goes
    A Very Shy Young Man Goes Into A Bar And Sees
    A Beautiful Woman Sitting Alone,
    After 1 Hour
    He Gathers Enough Courage To Ask Her
    "Excuse Me Can I Sit Beside U?"

    She Responds Loudly

    Every 1 In The Bar Starts To Look At The Man,
    The Man Was Embarrassed

    After A Few Minutes The Woman Walks Over To
    His Table Smiles N Apologizes Says U See I'm
    A Psychology Student Studying How People Respond
    To Embarrassing Situations,

    Man Replied(Loudly):

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  • A Man Joined FACEBOOK
    A Man Joined FACEBOOK
    His Son Wrote On
    His Wall
    "W T F Dad"
    Man Rplied: Wht8 d
    Hell , U've No Respect
    4 Me ?

    Kid Rplied: Dad Chill
    It Means
    "Welcome To Facebook" =P =D

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  • Once There Lived A SEXY MAN
    Once There Lived A SEXY MAN Who Had No Wife,
    But Still Every Night He Enjoyed...

    "DINNER" ;->

    U Dirty Mind...

    Upper Rakho
    Bole To
    keeP iT UP... =P

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  • Husband and Wife Claimed to be Virgin
    On Their First Night,
    Both Husband and Wife Claimed to be a Virgin.

    Wife: Honey, Are you sure you are a Virgin?
    If this is your First time, Why are you Doing so Well?


    Husband: If this is Your First Time,
    How you Know that I'm doing So Well? :-)

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  • Having a Cold Drink
    Having a Cold Drink on a Hot day With a few Friends is Nice




    What about having a Hot Friend on a Cold Night after a few Drinks...


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  • high class insult
    High clas insult:- Boy 2 girl: Apne baal to dekho jaise ghaas ugi hoi ho.
    Girl: Main isi liye itni der se soch rahi hon k mere paas gadha q khara hai


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  • very funny
    A very shy young man goes into a bar and sees a beautiful woman sitting alone, after 1 hour he gathers enough courage to ask her
    "Excuse me can i sit beside u?"

    she responds loudly "NO I DONT WANA SPEND THE NIGHT WITH U"

    every 1 in the bar starts to look at the man, the man was embarrassed
    After a few minutes the woman walks over to his table smiles n apologizes says u see im a psychology student studying how people respond to embarrasing situations,

    Man replied(loudly): WHAT 10 THOUSAND DOLLARS 4 ONE NIGHT?:-D

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  • muhalla hi chor diya
    1 larka dosre larke se:

    Yaar tum ne kabhi koi larki phansai hai?

    2nd boy!
    Yaar larki main ne phansa li thi pr tum logon ne ye mohalla hi chor diya... ;-)

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  • Bare ajeeb Shaks Ho
    Ajab shaks ho tm
    Ajeeb mizaj Rakhte ho,

    Sawal krne Se pehLe kam rakhte ho.

    Wese to kehte Ho

    "I Hate Girls"
    Or Bashir khussry Se talukat Rakhte Ho!

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  • Show Us How AIDS Spreads
    Sir Walked up to the Hottest Girl in the Class and Kissed Her.
    Then he Addressed the Class Said:

    See Students AIDS does not Spread by Kissing.

    Students: Sir,


    Please Show Us How It Spreads. :-)

  By: REHAN   Send To Mobile
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