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Best Collection of New Adult SMS Jokes at Funny SMS

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Notice:The Dirty SMS Category which you are about to view may contain SMSs unsuitable for minors, these are mainly meant for Adult. SMSs may contain inappropriate language or subject. If you think this kind of SMS are inappropriate for you or your age is below 18, then you should not view this category.

Disclaimer: The viewing discrimination is the sole responsibility of the visitor, if you think this kind of SMSs are inappropriate for you, then you may leave.

Latest Adult SMS Jokes:

  • It's Fun To Be Young
    Major Rohail Caught his Daughter Doing Sex on Kitchen Table

    Major Rohail:
    Shame on you What do you Have to Say for Your Self?

    Daughter Smiled and Said:
    "It's Fun To Be Young."

  By: wahabi   Send To Mobile
  • Miracles of Life
    Major Rohail: Why are you pregnant.

    Bubbli: It's a college project about "Miracles of life".

    Major Rohail: Who's the Father of this kid?

    Bubbli: I Don't know it was a group project.

  By: wahabi   Send To Mobile
  • Bone of his own
    Old mother Hubbard went to the cupboard to fetch the poor dog a bone.
    But when she bent over Rover took over & gave her a bone of his own!

  By: Farhan Rajput   Send To Mobile
  • The 1 wid big tits!
    A man wanted 2 get married! He had a choice of 3 women!
    1st woz a rich docter,
    2nd woz a poor cleaner &
    3rd woz a prostitute!
    The 1 wid big tits!

  By: Farhan Rajput   Send To Mobile
  • Why woman moan?
    Why do women have orgasms during sex???

    It gives them something to moan about even when they are fucking enjoying themselves.

  By: Farhan Rajput   Send To Mobile
  • Today in style ...
    Today its cool to have small cars and small computers.

    Soon it will be cool to have a small penis too. Then you my friend will be THE MAN!!

  By: Farhan Rajput   Send To Mobile
  • Bulbul ka Bacha
    Bulbul ka Bacha,
    Khata tha Khichri,
    Peeta tha Pani,
    Bulbul ka Bacha,
    Gata tha Ganay,
    Mere Sirhanay,
    Betha hua tha,
    Ik Din Uraya,
    Wapas na Aaya,
    Randi Ka Bacha.

  By: Farhan Rajput   Send To Mobile
  • Bathroom ki Kundi
    A Beautiful girl goes to Skin Doctor and asks: Mujhe apne Jism se bohat pyar hai, So mujhe Nahanay se pehle kya lagana


    Doctor: Bathroom ki Kundi.

  By: Farhan Rajput   Send To Mobile
  • Luteron ko dekh kar
    Question: Larkiyan apna dupatta Larkon k samnay aanay kay baad he kyon theek karti hain?

    Answer:Luteron ko dekh kar he Daulat ka Hifazat ka khayal aata hai.

  By: Farhan Rajput   Send To Mobile
  • Raped by an Elephant
    Raped by an Elephant, man goes to doctor.

    Dr: Funny, ur ass is 10" wide but an elephant cock is only 3" Wide.

    Man: Yes but that bastard fingered.

  By: Farhan Rajput   Send To Mobile
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