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Best Collection of New Adult SMS Jokes at Funny SMS

World's Best adult sms SMS directory. Where you hundreds of Adult sms and jokes to send your friends. Here is a Latest Adult SMS, urdu Adult SMS, english Adult SMS, Adult SMS messages, Adult SMS collection, Fantastic Adult SMS messages, Hillarious Adult SMS messages, adult sms / text messages in roman urdu, hindi and english. some popular searches for such types of new sms messages includes funny adult sms, adult sms forwards, free adult sms, adult messages, adult sms jokes, hindi adult sms, urdu adult sms etc.. Adult ( Sexy ) SMS collection contains Adult ( Sexy ) SMS / Text Messages in English, Hindi & Urdu. Browse through and send your favorite Adult ( Sexy ) SMS to your friends using your mobile phone.

Notice:The Dirty SMS Category which you are about to view may contain SMSs unsuitable for minors, these are mainly meant for Adult. SMSs may contain inappropriate language or subject. If you think this kind of SMS are inappropriate for you or your age is below 18, then you should not view this category.

Disclaimer: The viewing discrimination is the sole responsibility of the visitor, if you think this kind of SMSs are inappropriate for you, then you may leave.

Latest Adult SMS Jokes:

  • Delivery Pain....
    Woman was having delivery pains....

    Husband prayed: Oh Lord!

    Pls make it loose for the BABY and then tight again for the DADDY.

  By: Farhan Rajput   Send To Mobile
  • Candle with Hair
    A man sees on a girls t-shirt it says "Handle with Care"

    Next day he wears a jeans & writes "Candle with Hair".

  By: Farhan Rajput   Send To Mobile
  • Yeah, I can SEE that
    On a NUDE beach a man shakes hand with a lady and says: I am extreemly pleased to meet U!

    Lady: Yeah, I can SEE that!

  By: Farhan Rajput   Send To Mobile
  • Wedding Cake
    Finally scientists have discovered a food that diminishes a woman's sex drive by 90%.





    It's called the Wedding Cake.

  By: Farhan Rajput   Send To Mobile
  • First Time at Night
    On their first night:

    Husband: Is it really ur first night?

    Wife: No... No... actually it is first time at night!

  By: Farhan Rajput   Send To Mobile
  • A Guy's Job
    A guy sticks his location,
    In a girl's destination,
    To increase the population,
    For the next generation.
    Do you get my explanation?
    Or do you need a demonstration?

  By: Farhan Rajput   Send To Mobile
  • An X-RAY specialist
    An X-RAY specialist was briefing about breast shadows.

    He said: "Women's breasts come in three sizes PingPong, DingDong & KingKong"

  By: Farhan Rajput   Send To Mobile
  • Define a Gynaecologist?
    Define a Gynaecologist?

    He is the only person on earth who looks 4 problems in the place where most people find PLEASURE!

  By: Farhan Rajput   Send To Mobile
  • Eat an ice cream
    I want to suck you,
    Lick you,
    Wanna move my tongue all over you,
    Wanna feel you in my mouth,
    Yup, that's how you,
    Eat an ice cream!

  By: Jasper   Send To Mobile
  • Kapray sukhane ka taar
    Usne utari saree,
    Phir aayi peticoat ki bari,
    Blouse to pahle hi diya tha utar,
    Ziyadah excited mat ho yaar,
    Yeh tha kapray sukhane ka taar!

  By: Farhan Rajput   Send To Mobile
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