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Name: Send Free SMS
Location: Indya
Member Since: 10 Jan 2009

About Send Free SMS:

I like to SEND FREE SMS worldwide.

List of Sms / Jokes posted by: Send Free SMS

  • Husband and Wife Claimed to be Virgin
    On Their First Night,
    Both Husband and Wife Claimed to be a Virgin.

    Wife: Honey, Are you sure you are a Virgin?
    If this is your First time, Why are you Doing so Well?


    Husband: If this is Your First Time,
    How you Know that I'm doing So Well? :-)

  •   Category: Adult SMS Jokes   Send To Mobile  
  • Tum JAAN Sakty is MOHABAT Ko
    Kash tum DEKH sakty
    Tooty huye dil ko
    Behty huye Aansuon ko
    Is Adhoory mausam ko
    Kash Tum PARH Sakty
    Mery hathon ki Lakeeron ko
    Khawabon ki Tabeeron ko
    Dil k Afsanon ko
    Kash Tum SAMAJH Sakty
    Mery Lafzon ki Gehrai ko
    Honton ki Sachai ko
    Mehfil ki Tanhai ko
    Kash tum JORR sakty.
    Iss DIL ko.
    Iss RISHTY ko.
    Iss WADY ko.
    Lekin ye Soch Kar Khamosh ho Jata hun.

    Tum JAAN Sakty is MOHABAT Ko.

  •   Category: Urdu Poetry SMS   Send To Mobile  
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