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Best Collection of New Waiting For You SMS at Funny SMS

Worlds Largest Collection of Waiting For You SMS. This category have nice Urdu / English / Hindi Waiting For You SMS Collection and Mobile Text Messages Collection. Send this Waiting For You Messages collection to your friends to know them that You are waiting for them. You can also Submit Your Waiting For You SMS. We keep on adding good Waiting For You Message everyday.
So, what are you waiting for? Pick your sms for Eid and shoot it to your friends. Don't forget to visit again.

Latest Waiting For You SMS:

  • Just Waiting for That Moment
    I Miss You Buddy.
    More Then words can Explain.
    I wish You could be here
    To know that you are a very important part of my life.
    But I know 1 day You will b with Me

    And I'm Just Waiting for That Moment...

  By: Fuzail   Send To Mobile
  • I'll Always Be Waiting Your Any Reply
    I love you
    I really do
    And if you haven't already
    Please don't forget me
    Because I certainly haven't forgotten you
    And I miss you so much
    But you'll never know it, love

    I know time has spread us apart
    And my heart holds true
    It will never part
    I'll Always Be Waiting Your Any Reply
    Because a whisper from you would bring my heart such life

    And maybe if things were different
    Maybe if things were changed
    But for some reason
    I will always think of you in the pouring rain
    Don't forget me.

  By: Rehan   Send To Mobile
  • Waiting to See Your Smiling Face
    May Be You are very far From Me.
    May Be You don't like Me.
    May Be You don't even want to See Me.
    But Deep in My Heart,
    I still love you,
    Waiting to See Your Smiling Face and Sparkling Eyes.

  By: Saima Baloch   Send To Mobile
  • Yet Waiting Forever Kills
    Missing You is Like Waiting For Rain In an Infinite Drought
    Knowing it will be their forever, Hurting.

    Asking you to come back is painful
    Yet Waiting Forever Kills.

  By: Lupoka   Send To Mobile
  • Waiting For You To Say I Love You
    It's not The Waiting For You To Say I Love You;
    Its not the fact that you are leaving
    Its that i don't know if you will remember me!

    It's taken so short for me to love you
    Why is it taking so long to let go!
    There is an easy and a hard bit of love
    The easy bit is; to fall in love
    The hard bit is; to fall out for it.

  By: Fuzail   Send To Mobile
  • Ajnabi Ka Youn Na Intezaar Karo
    Us Ajnabi Ka Youn Na Intezaar Karo,
    Is Aashiq Dil Ka Na Aitbaar Karo,
    Roz Nikla Karen Kisi Ke Yaad Mein Aansoo,
    Itna Kabhi Na Kisi Se Pyaar Kia Karo.

  By: AsiM   Send To Mobile
  • Humain Dono Ka Intezar Hai
    Aaj Tumne Jisko Dekha Hai.
    Shayad Woh he Tumhara Apna Hai.

    Abhi Chalega Pata Nahi.
    Intezaar mein Rahna har Ghadi.

    Maut Pe Bhi Hum Ko Pyar Hai.
    Tum Pe Bhi Aitbaar Hai.

    Dekhna Hai Pehle Kon Aata Hai.
    Humain To Dono Ka Intezar Hai.

  By: Naveed   Send To Mobile
  • Milne ko Taraste Hain
    Baadal Kitne Khushnaseeb Hain,

    Door Reh kar Bhi Zameen par Baraste Hain,

    Hum Kitne Badnaseeb Hain,
    Paas Reh kar Bhi Milne ko Taraste Hain.

  By: Rahim Shah   Send To Mobile
  • Tera Intezaar Satata Hai
    Tum Paas Ho to Tujhpe Pyar Aata Hai,

    Tum Door ho to Tera Intezaar Satata Hai.

    Kya Kahey is Dil ki Haalat ki,

    Tujhe Yaad kar Kar K Hume Bukhaar ho Jaata Hai.

  By: SMS Guru   Send To Mobile
  • Forever Always Waits
    So, I Will Stand Here Forever,

    If forevers What it Takes,

    Because You Are my Forever,

    And Forever Always Waits.

  By: Sumbul   Send To Mobile
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