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Wife says 2 husband

Wife says 2 Husband:
W: Come help with the garden.

Husband: What do u think I am a gardener?

W: Come fix the toilet faucet.

H: What do u think I am a plumber?

W: Come fix the door handle.

H: What do u think I am a carpenter?
The Husband went out But
when he came back, he saw that everything is fixed..
The Garden..Toilet faucet..& the Door handle.
He asked his wife who had done it?

The wife said: Its the neighbour's son,
But He gave me 2 options...
Either to make Him a Hamburger or have sex with him...

Husband: I'm Sure, U gave him a Hamburger!!

Wife: What do U think
I Am Mcdonalds.?? :-D


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