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Quaid-e-Azam K liye 3 Din Sb Se eham Ha

K liye 3 Din Sb Se eham Hain

1.Paidaiysh 25Dec

2.Wafaat 11Sep

3.Aazadi 14Aug

Sb Se Pehle 14 Aug Aati Hai
14 Aug ko Jo Din hota hai
11sep OR 25dec ko b wohi Din ho ga

Hr saal Aisa hota hY
e.g is saal
14 Aug ko saturday Tha
11 September ko b saturday tha
25 December ko b saturday hi ho ga
Agar Mathematically b dekhain to
ye din bohat ajeeb hY

25-11=14 aug

25-14=11 sept

11+14=25 dec

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