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Funny SMS / Text Messages and Jokes of the Day in Urdu, Hindi, English

Latest SMS Collection for Friday 22, March 2019. Funny SMS for March and Top Popular Urdu & Hindi Funny SMS & Jokes for 2019. Funny SMS Pakreseller is best SMS and Jokes site online. We provide latest collection of best funny sms and funny jokes available on the net. We daily update our site, so visit daily to read sms and funny jokes in different categories.
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  • Khany Me Barkat
    Nabi Paak(S.A.W) Ka Irshad Hai..!

    "Khana Ikhatty Ho Ker Khao,

    Alag Alag Na Ho Jao,,

    QK Ikhatty Khany Ki Waja Se

    Ek Shakhs Ka Khana 2 K Liye Kafi Ho Jata Hai,

    Aur 2 Admiyon Ka Khana 4 Admiyon K Liye Kafi Ho Jata Hai.."

    Subha Bakhair..

    Jumma Mubarak..

    Category: Good Morning SMS  By: Haya Ali  Send To Mobile

    " On My Fore~head I Feel Vapours
    Tomorrow Is My Chemistry Paper.

    I Spent The Whole Year In Sleeping,
    Now I Have Started Weeping.

    Alkane, Alkene, Alkyne,
    Oh My God! I Am Dying,

    Benzene Is Dancing In My Eyes,
    And I Can't Stop My Cries.

    I Tried To Sleep And Relax,
    But Sodium Is On Dreaming Track.

    I Am Reaching The Chemistry World,
    With Horrible Fear I Am Curled.

    Phenol And Alcohol Caught Me,
    No Place To Escape I See.

    I Woke Up With A Great Shriek,
    My Tension Is On The Peak.

    On My Forehead I Feel Vapours,
    Tomorrow Is My Chemistry Paper."

    Category: Student SMS Jokes  By: Khalil-Ur-Rehman  Send To Mobile
  • One More Chance
    Pakistani Soldiers Capture An Indian Captain,
    They Gave Him A Dice & Said:
    If U Get 1,2,3,4,5,We Will Kill U,,,

    Indian Asked: Aur Agar 6 Aaya To.?

    Soldiers: LUDO Nahi Kheli Kiya.??
    Phir Se Chance Milega.. :-D


    Category: Urdu Funny SMS  By: Maha Abro  Send To Mobile

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