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mehwish khan's Profile on Funny SMS

Name: mehwish khan
Location: karachi
Member Since: 21 Jun 2010

About mehwish khan:

i am peace loving

List of Sms / Jokes posted by: mehwish khan

  • Pathan Gave A Party
    Gul Khan Ne Job K liye Apply kia..

    Jawab aaya to khushi mein 1 Grand Party de dali.

    Dost ne farmayesh ki k appointment letter dikhao.

    Gul Khan: Ye English main hai, main tarjuma karta hun,

    "Dear Gul khan you do not meet"

    pyary gul khan ap to milty hi nahi

    "our requirements"

    hamari zaroorat ho ap

    "no further correspondence"

    or zidd na karain jaldi ajayen

    "will be entertained"

    Aap ki bohot khidmat ki jaye gi.

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  • Around Corner I have Friend
    Around the Corner I have a Friend.
    In this city that had no end.
    The days go by and weeks rush on.
    And before i know,a year has gone.
    I never see my old friend's face.
    For life now has a swift pace.
    He knows i like him just as well,
    As in the days when i rang his bell.
    In times we were younger when.
    But now we are busy,tired men;
    Tired of playing a foolish game,
    Tired of trying to make a name,
    Tomorrow i say i ll call on him,
    Just to show that i am thinking of him,
    But tomorrow comes and tomorrow goes,
    And distance between us grows and grows.
    Around the corner yet miles away,
    Here's a telegram;sir! He died today.
    Thats what we get and deserve in the end.
    Around the corner a vanished friend.

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  • Ek Ghar Mai 20 Log
    Ek Ghar Mai 20 Log rehty hain
    Aur in k Ghar Mai roz 20 rotian pakti hain.

    Mard 3 rotian khaty hain
    Aurat 2 rotian khati hain
    Bachy aadhi roti khaty hain

    Ab btao is Ghar me kitny Aadmi, Kitni auratain
    Aur kitny bachy rehty hain?


    person Rotian Total
    1 Aadmi 3 = 3
    5 Auratain 2 = 10
    14 Bachy 1/2 = 7
    20 = 20

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  • I Told An Angel
    I Told An Angel..

    Let my friend be Happy and Healthy forever..

    Angel said:But,for 4 days only...

    I said:Ok,on a Spring Day,Autumn Day,Summer Day and Winter Day...

    Angel said:No,3 days!!

    I said:Ok,Yesterday,Today and Tomorrow..

    Angel said:No,2 days..!!

    I said:Ok,Bright day(day time) and Dark day(night time)..

    Angel said:No,just 1 day

    I said: Ok,

    Angel asked:Which day??

    I said everyday..

    Angel laughed and said:You really care for your friend...

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  • Khubsurat Hona Ehem Nahi
    Agar Koi Aapko Acha Lagta Hai To.

    Acha wo nahin ache aap ho..

    Kyun ky..

    Aap us main achayi talash karty ho..

    Agar koi aap ko bura lagta hai to janty ho..

    Bura wo nahin bury aap ho..

    Kyun ky aap us main buraai talash kartay ho...

    Khubsurat hona Ehem nahin balkay Ehem hona khubsurti hai...

    Khubsurat insan se muhabbat nai hoti

    Balkay jis se muhabbat ho jaye woh Khubsurat lagny lagta hai.

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  • Pathan Nahin Aa Sakta
    Pathan calls his Wife:

    Ghar Nahin Aa Sakta,
    Car ka steering, Gear Sab chori ho Gaya hai.

    After 5 min,

    He calls:
    "Aa Raha hoon Ghalti se pichli Seat py baith gaya Tha". :-)

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  • Respect Of Teachers
    Sikandar-e-Azam & Arastu (his teacher) were going together.

    There was a Deep River in Way.

    Arastu decided to cross first and said:
    "Its not important that Arastu will die,
    But its so important that Sikandar will survive
    Because Sikandar is the Need of this World"

    Sikandar laughed, moved ahead and said:
    "Its so important that Arustu will survive,
    Because Sikandar can't make Arustu
    But Arustu can Make Many Sikandars.

    Dedicated to all teachers..

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