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Best Collection of New Good Luck SMS at Funny SMS

Wanna send best wishes to your friends or family members? Why not send them good luck sms messages and best wishes sms messages in examination days. You can also submit good luck sms here. Nice sms collection of good luck sayings, good luck quotes, good luck poems & simply good luck sms / text messages.

Latest Good Luck SMS:

  • Best Tapori Style Wishes
    With Best Tapori Style Wishes..

    Bury Din Hon KHALLAS..

    Aany Waly Din Hon JHAKKAS..

    Aap Hamesha Rahen BINDAS..

    Ye Dua Hai KHAAS..

    Her Khushi Ho Aap K Paas.. :-D

  By: Sumaira Malik   In: Good Luck SMS  Send To Mobile
  • Success
    .* Success never depend on the Capability of your Brain and
    It always depend on the Greatness of your Thoughts & Hard W0rk.

  By: Adnan Shalmani   In: Good Luck SMS  Send To Mobile
  • Real
    .* Real Education is Ur Behaviour with others, not Ur 'Status'.
    Work Hard, But Spend Some Time with Those Who Belong to U, Who 'CARE' & 'LOVE' U.

    Because Nobody Remembers Ur Marks, Degrees & Designation, On Ur Death. People remember U Only for Ur Good or Bad Behavior.

  By: Adnan Shalmani   In: Good Luck SMS  Send To Mobile
  • Start The Work
    Start the work in the Name of Allah,

    Do the work with the Help of Allah,

    And Finish the work Thanks to Allah,

    Bcoz He Decides, Gives and
    Makes Everything Possible..!

    Best Of Luck !
    Jumma Mubarak

  By: Maha Abro   In: Good Luck SMS  Send To Mobile
  • Jumma Mubarak
    A Really Beautiful Sentence
    With A Very Wonderful Meaning..

    "We Need
    Everything "Permanent"
    In A
    "Temporary" Life..!

    Jumma Mubarak
    Have A Nice Day

  By: Asad   In: Good Luck SMS  Send To Mobile
  • Happy Sunday
    Happy Sunday

    "May This Sunday Bring You
    Out Of Stress And All Bad Things Of The Week
    So You Can Start A New Week
    With A Fresh And Happy Mood."

    Have A Lovely Day..:)

  By: Raheel Ahmed   In: Good Luck SMS  Send To Mobile
  • Dengi Ka Elaaj
    Zati Tajurba Dengi Ka:

    "Kamron(Rooms) me KALONJI ki Dhooni kerny se

    Machron ki Afzaish-e-Nasl Khatam ho jati hai.

    Is K Alawa,

    Nehar Munh 7 Dany Kalonji k Kha leny se

    Insani Jism me Mudafiat, Muzahimat Peda hoti hai,

    Aur Insan Is Virus se Mehfuz rehta hai..


    Zamurrad Naqvi,

    Roznama Express,

    3 Sept 2011.

  By: Naghma Khan   In: Good Luck SMS  Send To Mobile
  • Exams are On the way
    Exams are comming ,
    The way you are looking
    #Strange #Mystery
    And SOme Get failed
    But Others get Passed

    My All wishes are with u
    gooood Luck to you
    Exams are still Coming
    Open your Books
    Start Learning !!

  By: Danish   In: Good Luck SMS  Send To Mobile

  By: shakeel kanwal   In: Good Luck SMS  Send To Mobile
  • Its only a tiny rosebud
    Its only a tiny rosebud,

    A flower of God's Design,

    But I cannot unfold the petals,

    With these hands of mine.

    The Secret of unfolding flowers,

    is not known to such as I.

    The flower God Opens so sweetly.

    In my hands would fade n die.

    If I cannot unfold a rosebud,

    This flower of God's Design.

    Then how can I think I have wisdom,

    To unfold this life of mine?

    So I'll trust in Him for His leading..

    Each moment of every day.....

  By: Taha   In: Good Luck SMS  Send To Mobile
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