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Guru Don's Profile on Funny SMS

Name: Guru Don
Location: Ha Ha Ha
Member Since: 05 Nov 2008

About Guru Don:

Not Found any thing about Guru Don

List of Sms / Jokes posted by: Guru Don

  • Speak not my tears
    Speak not my tears
    Neither open my fears
    The thing that broke was my heart
    Its pieces wont be gathered here
    Place all its pieces to the fire near
    Forget those days when someone called it dear!
    Alone i have to walk there
    Do not dream of the sky that was clear
    Its my story that does not finish
    Until my soul dissolves in the air.

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  • Virgin Wife
    Santu was curious, he asked his friend Bantu:
    "Was your wife a virgin when you married her?

    Puzzled Bantu: "I really don't know. Some say yes. Some say no."

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  • We Flatter Those We
    There's One Sad Truth In Life I've Found
    While Journeying East And West -
    The Only Folks We Really Wound
    Are Those We Love The Best.

    We Flatter Those We Scarcely Know,
    We Please The Fleeting Guest,
    And Deal Full Many A Thoughtless Blow
    To Those Who Love Us Best.

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  • Jaldi munh kholo
    Boy: Jaldi munh kholo!
    Girl: Arey itna bada Munh mein kaise dalongi?

    Boy: Dhire se le lena
    After a while.

    Girl: Saare kapdey giley ho jaayenge
    Boy: Aur logi?
    Girl: Na baba, yeh Gol Gappy tum hi khao.

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