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shabaz khan's Profile on Funny SMS

Name: shabaz khan
Location: haripur
Member Since: 14 Aug 2011

About shabaz khan:

Not Found any thing about shabaz khan

List of Sms / Jokes posted by: shabaz khan

  • Girl : Do u love me more thn ur family ?
    Girl : Do u love me more thn ur family ?
    Boy : No
    Girl : Why ?
    Boy : okay Listen to dis.
    when i started to walk I fell, u were not there to pick me up. bt my mom was
    When i went outside, u were not there to hold my finger. bt my dad was
    When i cried .u didnt give me ur toys to play. .bt my brother n sister did
    My family iz more precious thn anythng else :)
    GIRL: But ya when you Felt all horny & ol,
    your mom or dad were not der 2 blow u,
    I Was :D

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