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amna's Profile on Funny SMS

Name: amna
Location: pakistan
Member Since: 03 Nov 2009

About amna:

hi my real name is lareeb my nick name is amna iam in 6th standard sahntinaiketan school i like funny jokes

List of Sms / Jokes posted by: amna

  • The Blessed Month Ramadan
    It's the month when the devils are chained,
    the gates of hell are closed and those of paradise are opened.
    It's the month the Holy Prophet used to pray to witness.
    It's the blessed month of Ramadan.
    May Allah shower his blessings and
    Grant you forgiveness in this holy month.

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    Met you, became friends,
    shared secrets, freaked out,
    had fun, fought with you,
    Laughed with you, Smiled with you,
    Cried with u, Hurt you, Teased you,
    And here i am, still thinking of u..
    Long journey, huh!!?
    And we shall never let it end, right?

    Just wanted u to know
    that my lovely friend, u r valued!!!

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  • still i love him
    Even though,
    he hates me in every movement of life ,
    but i love him with very seconds,
    not because he has broken my heart,
    but he as thought me to live with broken heart

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  • Dawai Lene Ka Faida
    Mareez Doctor Se: Main ek Month se Rs.50 ki Rozana Dawa Khaa Raha hun.

    Lekin Mujhe koi Faida Nazar Nahi Aa Raha.

    Doctor: Acha to Mai Aapko Kal Se Rs.40 ki Dawai Donga.

    Jis se Aapko Roz 10 Rupay ka Faida Nazar Aaye ga. :-)

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