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Best Collection of New Tongue Twister SMS at Funny SMS

A tongue-twister is a phrase that is designed to be difficult to articulate properly. Tongue-twisters may rely on similar but distinct phonemes, unfamiliar constructs in loanwords, or other features of a language. Send from our good collection of Tongue Twisters to your friends and loved ones.
If you are looking for Tongue Twister Sms then your search ends here. You will find all the Tongue Twister Sms related messages here. Just read the full collection of Tongue Twister Sms.

Latest Tongue Twister SMS:

  • Disturbing You!!!
    HI what are you doing?

    I am propagating unicameral form of idiosyncray occuring palevolently in the seritormious piece of platerubian brain

    In short: Disturbing you!!!

  By: Taha   Send To Mobile

  By: Taha   Send To Mobile
  • Never GET what v WANT
    V never GET what v WANT,
    V never WANT what v GET,

    V never HAVE what v LIKE,
    V never LIKE what v HAVE,

    Still v live,
    still v love,
    Still v hope,
    ***THIS IS LIFE***

  By: Pinks and Blues   Send To Mobile

  By: Alina Amaan   Send To Mobile
  • Dali ne dali par
    Dali ne dali par nazar dali,
    Kisi ne is par dali,
    Kisi ne uspar dali,
    Hum ne jis par nazar dali,
    Uske baap ne uski

    shaadi kahin aur kar dali.

  By: Mr Bean   Send To Mobile
  • A confusion has confused
    A confusion has confused my mind which is already confuse with some confusion.

    I dont know y this confusion had confused my confused mind. If my confusion had confuse ur mind then try to get solution 4 my confusion 2 rectify my confused mind.

    If my confused msg did''nt confuse u then b happy thinking that a confused msg did?nt confused u which really confused me?.Any confusion in this msg? Contact me without Any confusion.

  By: Mr Bean   Send To Mobile
  • There were 2 friends?
    There were 2 friends?
    see and saw
    0ne day see saw sea
    saw didnt see sea
    See saw sea and jumped in sea
    Saw didnt see sea
    jumped in sea
    See saw saw in sea and saw saw see in sea
    See saw both saw sea
    and both,
    saw and see
    were happy to see Sea?

    isay kehte hain dimagh ki EXERCISE?

  By: Mr Bean   Send To Mobile
  • Are You Fluent
    Are You Fluent In English .?

    Read It Fast . . .

    Upper Roller Lower Roller
    Roller Lower Roller Upper.

  By: Usama   Send To Mobile
  • Sms ko sms se
    Sms ko sms se sms me us sms ko milaya

    sms ko sms ne sms ko us ne sms ko bataha

    to sms ki sms jis sms ko dikhaya

    ab bata apne sms ko sms ne sms me kya dikha.

  By: Usama   Send To Mobile
    and Aap.....

    k SMS YEH sabhi LAJAVAB...

  By: Master Mind   Send To Mobile
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