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Jakir Hossain's Profile on Funny SMS

Name: Jakir Hossain
Location: Narayanganj
Member Since: 20 Apr 2009

About Jakir Hossain:

Not Found any thing about Jakir Hossain

List of Sms / Jokes posted by: Jakir Hossain

  • Apni jodi purush hon
    Apni jodi purush hon, Ta hole 30 taka
    Jodi mohila hon, Tahole 20 taka
    Jodi sisu hon, Tahole 10 taka
    Jodi buri hon, Tahole 50 taka
    Jodi bura hon, Tahole 100 taka pathaben.

    Ar jodi apni hijla hon, Tahole kono taka pathaben na,
    Tahole ami boje nebo apni ke?

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  • 1 ta kotha bolbo
    Wife: 1 ta kotha bolbo, marba na to?
    Husband: Ki bolba?

    Wife: Ami pregnant.
    Husband: Aata to khusir khobor, tomay marbo kan?
    Wife: Biar agey 1 bar baba K bolchhilam, baba one k marchhilo.

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