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momi's Profile on Funny SMS

Name: momi
Location: none none
Member Since: 19 Jul 2008

About momi: simple!!!!

List of Sms / Jokes posted by: momi

  • bewafa
    barbad kar gai wo zindagi pyar k naam pe,

    bewafai mili hume wafa k naam pe,

    aise zkham de gai wo dawa k naam pe,

    pathar bhi ro para mere pyar k anjam pe.

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  • Types of SEX
    Teacher to student: there is two type of sex on earth i.e. male and female
    one student : teacher i know few more.
    teacher : what?
    student : bedroom sex, bathroom sex and online sex.....

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  • hhheeeeee
    A daughter ask her mother;
    What is ishq ?
    What is pyar ?
    What is mohabbat ?

    Mom replied:-
    kuch nahi beti sab free mein sex k bahaney hain.

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  • shocking
    pathan ka bura din.....

    darwaza khola tu kundi hath mein,

    nul khola tu tooti hath mein,

    suit case uthaya tu handle hath mein...

    ab dar raha hai susu karun yan na karun.

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