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Best Collection of New Student SMS Jokes at Funny SMS

Student SMS and Jokes: A selected sms jokes about Boy Students, Girl Students, and exams. Exam sms / text messages collection, funny exam sms, and alot of exam wishes / greetings sms messages for students in roman urdu, hindi and english. You can also Submit Student SMS and Jokes here. Exam sms / text messages collection, funny exam sms, and alot of exam wishes / greetings sms messages for students in roman urdu, hindi and english.

Latest Student SMS Jokes:

  • Home Work
    Pappu: Miss, will you Punish me
    for something that I didn't do ?

    Teacher : Not at all.

    Pappu : That's good.
    Actually i didn't do My Homework..;-)

  By: Haya Ali   Send To Mobile
  • Bera Gharq
    Wo Ishq Hi Kiya Jis Ny
    First Year, Inter K Result Ka
    Na Kiya Ho...;-(


  By: Haya Ali   Send To Mobile
  • Principle Doob Raha Tha
    School k Back Side River Me Principle Doob Raha Tha,
    Usey Tairna Nahi Ata Tha,

    Pappu Ne Dekha To
    Zor Zor Se Chillate Huye Bhaga,
    Kal Chutti Hai...;-p:)


  By: Husnain Nawaz   Send To Mobile
  • Aap ka Kiya Jata hai
    Teacher: Beta Maan Lo Me ny Tumhen 10 Laddu Diye.

    Student: Q Maan Lun? Aap ny to Mujhy Diye Hi nahi.

    Teacher: Aray Maan lo na, Man'ny me Tumhara Kiya Jata Hai??

    Student: Theek Hai.

    Teacher: Haan To Us me se 5 Tum ny Mujhy Wapas ker Diye to
    Batao Tumharay Paas Kitny Laddu Baqi Bachay??

    Student: 20

    Teacher Pareshani se: Wo Kese??

    Student: Maan Lijiye, Man'ny Me Aap Ka Kiya Jata Hai...;-p


  By: Haya Ali   Send To Mobile
  • 3 Idiot Film Se Lesson
    Teacher: "3 Idiot" Film dehkny k baad aap ko kya Lesson mila?

    Pappu: Miss yehi k,
    Engineering parh kar bhi Medical ki larki Phasai ja sakti hai. ?
    Miss: Shut up & get out.

    Pintu: Miss Me Bataon??

    Miss: Very good, Batao

    Pintu: Miss College k 1st Day Underwear zarur pehna chahiye. ?
    Miss: U also get out.

    Bablu: Miss Me Bataon??

    Miss: I think u are a Brilliant Student.
    Tum sahi batao gay.
    Bablu: Miss Doctor k Elawa Engineer bhi Delivery kar sakta hai :-p

    Miss: U Also get out..;-p

  By: Naghma Khan   Send To Mobile
  • Matric Se Nata Torr Chaly
    Aye Matric Tumhen Chorr Chaly Hum,

    School se Nata Torr Chaly Hum,

    Hum Ko Jana Hi Tha,

    Ye Din Kabhi Ana Hi Tha,

    School Me Yaden Dafan Huin,

    Matric ki Baten Khatam Huin,

    Bachpan Ki Yaden Chorr Chaly,

    Matric Se Nata Torr Chaly..!

    Dedicated To All Matric Students..:-)

  By: Husnain Nawaz   Send To Mobile
  • They are not Listening
    Teacher: Why are you sleeping in the class ??

    Student: Your Voice is so sweet Mam that's why
    I am getting sleep

    Teacher: Then why other people are not sleeping?

    Student: They are not Listening to you Mam...;-p

  By: Sumaira Malik   Send To Mobile
  • Half Of 8
    Teacher: What is Half of 8?

    Student: Depend kerta hai Miss

    Agar Horizontally Aadha karo
    to 0

    aur Vertically karo to 3

    Teacher Behosh..:-)

  By: Maha Abro   Send To Mobile
  • 1st Anatomy Class
    1st Year Students Of MBBS
    Were Attending Their 1st Anatomy Class.
    They All Gathered Around The Surgery Table
    With A Real Dead Dog.
    The Professor, Put His Fnger In Dogs Mouth
    & Tasted It In His Own Mouth.
    Then He Said Them To Do The Same.
    The Students Hesitated 4 Several Minutes.
    But Eventually Everyone Inserted Their Fingerz
    In Dogs Mouth & Tasted It.
    When Everyone Finished,
    The Prof. Looked At Them & Said:
    The Most Important Quality Is Observation.
    I Inserted My Middle Finger But Tasted The Index Finger.
    Now Learn To Pay Attention..;-p

  By: Naila Soomro   Send To Mobile
  • Half Day
    Teacher: Aaj Short skirt Q pehan k I ho?

    Girl: Madam, Aaj Half day hai is liye.
    Full day par full dress pehenti hun.
    ALL Boys: Madam, kabhi Holiday me bhi Class lo na Ek baar plz..;-p


  By: Naila Soomro   Send To Mobile
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