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Best Collection of New Geo Or Jeenay Do SMS at Funny SMS

These are the SMS / Jokes on Jeo & Jeenay Do Zardari! within the SMS / Text Messages category of Funny SMS; No need to introduce Mr. Asif Ali Zardari, everyone knows he's President Of Pakistan. There are a lot of changings happened in his period of Presidency. Many of Pakistanis and other country people likes him and many dislikes. So now a days he's also uses as a Noun in SMS Messages. You can also Submit Geo Or Jeenay Do SMS Asif Ali Zardari SMS, benazir sms, musharaf sms, Nawaz sharif sms, Geo Or Jeenay Do SMS / Text Messages, geo aur jeenay do zardari, geenay do zardari.

13 July 2009 se SMS Service ko F.I.A Cyber Crime Cell k Under main de diya gaya hai.

Aur Woh Har SMS ko chek kernegay. Jiske naam SIM hogi usi k naam pe FIR katay gi.

So Please Government k khilaaf koi bhi SMS send ya forward na karen. Be Careful and Never forget.

Is link pe ja kar aap News chek kar saktay hain.

ISLAMABAD: The government announced on Sunday that sending indecent, provocative and ill-motivated stories and text messages through e-mails and mobile telephone Short Messaging Service (SMS) was an offence under the Cyber Crime Act (CCA) and its violators could be sent behind bars for 14 years.

An official announcement by the interior ministry said that the government was launching a campaign against circulation of what it called ill-motivated and concocted stories through emails and text messages against civilian leadership and security forces.

Funny SMS Team

Latest Geo Or Jeenay Do SMS:

  • Ye Nafrat Buri Hai
    Ye Nafrat Buri Hai, Na Paalo Isay,

    Dilon Me Khalissh Hai, Nikalo Isay,

    Na Tera, Na Mera, Na Iska, Na Uska,

    Ye Sab Ka Watan Hai, Bacha Lo Isay..!

  By: Naghma Khan   In: Geo Or Jeenay Do SMS  Send To Mobile
  • Paisa
    *Golden Words*

    "Jo Paisa De Us SE Le
    Aur Jo Na De Us Se
    Cheen Lo ..."

    Nawaz Sharif.. :-D

  By: Haya Ali   In: Geo Or Jeenay Do SMS  Send To Mobile
  • Qaim Ali Shah
    Ghareeb Aurat:
    Saaen Allah K Wastay Kuch Kero,
    Hamaray Bachay Bhook se Mar Rahy Hen..

    Qaim Ali Shah:
    Tum Subha Shaam
    "Zinda Hai Bhutto Zinda Hai"
    Ka Wird Kero,
    InShaAllah Sab Theek Ho Jaye Ga...;-p

  By: Haya Ali   In: Geo Or Jeenay Do SMS  Send To Mobile
  • Hunar
    Waqt Sikha deta hai Insaan ko

    Jeeny ka Hunar,,,


    Phir kiya Naseeb,

    Kiya Muqaddar,

    Aur kiya Haath ki Lakeeren...!!

  By: Raheel Ahmed   In: Geo Or Jeenay Do SMS  Send To Mobile
  • UNITED NATIONS conducted a survey
    UNITED NATIONS conducted a survey.

    The Question was:

    "Would u please give your honest opinion about food shortage in rest of the world?"

    The survey badly FAILED !!

    In Africa,
    People didn't know what FOOD is!

    Chinese didn't know what OPINION is!

    Europeans didn't know what SHORTAGE is!

    Pakistanis didn't know what HONEST is!

    Saudis didn't know what PLEASE is!

    Americans didn't knw what REST OF THE WORLD is!

  By: Raheel Ahmed   In: Geo Or Jeenay Do SMS  Send To Mobile

  By: Saba Qureshi   In: Geo Or Jeenay Do SMS  Send To Mobile
  • MIRZA GHALIB in 2011 "*!*" Koi umeed
    in 2011
    Koi umeed barr nahi aati,
    Hukumat Kahan hy, nazar nahi aati,

    Chup reh kar bhi dekh lia hum ne
    Sharam unko mgr nahi aati,

    Pehle hoti thi loadshedding
    1 ghanta
    Ab saara din lite ghar nahi aati

    Cheeni thi 20 rupay kilo jo kabhi
    Ab to 20 ki Pao bhi nahi aati,

    Aa jata hai Bilawal har roz Pakistan
    Aur Bakhtawar Eid par b nahi aati

    Bibi ko mary hoey to guzar gya Zmana Ghalib
    Mgr Zardari ko "MOUT" kyun nahi aati'.

  By: AsiM   In: Geo Or Jeenay Do SMS  Send To Mobile
  • Reality Of OUR COUNTRY
    Reality Of OUR COUNTRY

    Most of the 1st class passed students get... technical seats; Some become Doctors & some become Engineers.

    The 2nd class passed
    students pass MBA & become Administrator & control the 1st class.

    The 3rd class passed students enter in to Politics & become Minister & control both.

    Last but not least

    The failure joins



    Control all the Above

  By: SAYYAM   In: Geo Or Jeenay Do SMS  Send To Mobile
  • Pakistani Dog
    1) Go To Google
    2) Type "Top Ten Dogs ataaso"
    3) Click On First Link.
    4) Look At Number 8
    5) And You'll Die Laughing. Xd

    SHARE IT ♥ And Must Check It :D

  By: Spider Man   In: Geo Or Jeenay Do SMS  Send To Mobile
  • Top 10 Msgs Awards 2011 Goes To
    Top 10 Msgs Awards 2011 Goes To:

    10) Sheela Ke Jawani
    9) Kis Ne Kaha Tha K Pepsi Pe 5 Rupey Kam Kardo.
    8) Wikileaks Ke Inkshafat.
    7) Faraz Ki Wahyat Shayari.
    6) Morning, Evening & Nite Gr33tings.
    5) Shabir To Dekhe Ga.
    4) Pathan Jokes.
    3) Munni Ki Badnami.
    2) Zubaida Aapa K Jaan Lewa Toatkay.

    1st Award Goes To:

    1) Sab Se Harami Aur Lalchi 'Kutta' .....

    (Han G Han Bilkul Wohi)

  By: AsiM   In: Geo Or Jeenay Do SMS  Send To Mobile
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