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Best Collection of New English Love SMS at Funny SMS

A selection of lovely, romantic, cute, sweet poetic & friendly texts. To send to close friends & loved ones. Send loves Sms, love Sms jokes, love poems Sms, hate u Sms to your soul mates. Send these Valentine's Sms messages on Valentine's day. Get Free Love SMS Messages.Download a cool collection of SMS Love messages, free Love text sms, funny Love quotes & sms Love poems. You can also Submit English Love SMS here. Expressing your love becomes quite easier now a days, as you can simple send a lovely love sms or a valentine sms message to your valentine from our precomposed sms messages collection. Collection of latest English Poetry and many more. Here on this page you will see the detail of Poetry in English. It contains a large collection of very nice Poetry in English, Keep on visiting the site for more latest and nice love Poetry.

Latest English Love SMS:

  • Cute Love Story
    Cute Love Story..

    Boy: Hey I’ve got two words to say.
    Girl: What?
    Boy: I LOVE U
    Girl: Huh.. Is n’t that 3 words?
    Boy: No! Because (I) And (U) Are One.. :-)

  By: Sumaira Malik   Send To Mobile
  • Heart Touching Lines
    True Heart Touching Lines:

    If I have to choose between
    Loving You and Breathing,,
    I will choose my last breath to say
    "I LOVE You..!!"

  By: Naila Soomro   Send To Mobile
  • saved memory
    Boy: I deleted some pics from my mobile.

    Girl: Why did you delete them?
    We should save memory.

    Boy: Yeah, that's what I did...
    saved memory!

  By: Naghma Khan   Send To Mobile
  • Cute Story
    Cute Story..

    A Middle class boy asks His high class Girlfriend :
    "If I go very poor,
    will you Accept me?"
    Girl hugs him and says:
    I am always with you..
    If a very rich boy Proposes you ?
    Girl kissed the boy and says:
    "I am sure that would be you.."

  By: Sumaira Malik   Send To Mobile
  • Leave
    .* Leave Those People Who Use You As An Option In Their Spare Time"
    "Try To Find Those People Who Have No Option To Leave You..!

  By: Adnan Shalmani   Send To Mobile
  • My Love For You
    My Love For You
    Is Like The Sky,
    With Dreams That Soar
    And Hopes That Fly.
    It's Like A
    Never Ending Ocean, An
    Deep Emotion. It Has The
    Of Spring,
    The Charm That Warmth
    And Laughter Bring. It Has The
    Strength Of Stone.
    It Shields Us From
    A Life Alone. It's Ever Growing,
    Ever New.
    It's Always There,
    My Love For You
    "I Love You"

  By: Husnain Nawaz   Send To Mobile
  • Hug Melts Ur Anger
    A sweet reply by a guy to his girl
    Girl: What will u do if I'll get angry
    on u..??
    Boy: I'll just grab u in my arms and
    hug u tightly till the warmth of my
    Hug Melts Ur Anger..!!

  By: Haya Ali   Send To Mobile
  • Senior Girls
    Someone asks Shakespeare:

    "U Married a Girl elder than u, why?'
    He Showed Him Calendar n said,
    "A week has 7 days;
    'can u say which day is younger?'
    Either sunday or saturday??
    "So love comes in heart not in age"
    'love has no age'

    Senior Girls are
    also Available for Boys...:D

  By: Naghma Khan   Send To Mobile
  • Sticking
    .* Commitment doesn’t mean sticking to a person when you don’t have any option,
    it means keeping a relation with someone even though you have lots of options.

  By: Adnan Shalmani   Send To Mobile
  • Because
    I Hate Y0u Because
    I L0ve Y0u M0re Than Me
    I L0ve Y0u Because
    I Can't Live With0ut Y0u..
    I Miss Y0u Because
    I'm Addicted T0 Ur Company..
    I Like Y0u Because
    N0 1 Is S0 Sweet Like Y0u.
    I Want Y0u Because
    Y0u Make Me Feel Safe
    I Need Y0u Because
    U R My World..!

  By: Sumaira Malik   Send To Mobile
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