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Best Collection of New Abbreviation SMS at Funny SMS

We have a large collection of Abbreviated Text SMS / SMS in short form. Send these short form sms to your friends. Find our large collection of Abbreviation SMS. You can also Submit Abbreviation SMS here.

Latest Abbreviation SMS:

  • True meanings of GIRL
    True meanings of “GIRL”

    “G”= GOSSIP may sab se aagey..

    “I”= INNOCENT sirf shakal se..

    “R”= RONE ki automatic machine..

    “L”= LARAI may sab ki maa… ;-)

  By: Rehana   Send To Mobile
  • FuLL FoRm oF bOyS
    FuLL FoRm oF bOyS…
    B - bAdMaShIyOn Me sAb sE aAgE.
    O - oLLo0 kI tArAh rAAt mE jAaGe.
    Y - yAaRiAn NiBhAtE jAaN lAgA k.
    S - ShArEeF SiRf MaA BaAp k AaGey.

  By: Asad Siddiqui   Send To Mobile
    MISSED CALL Means:

    M= Ost
    I= Nnovative
    S= Tylish
    S= Till
    E= Ffecti Ve
    D= Evice

    C= Onveying
    A= Pnapan
    L= Ove &
    L= Oneliness

  By: Humbugg TheGreat   Send To Mobile
  • HUG Means
    H- apPy FeElInGs ShArEd

    U- nIvErSaLlY wArM & fUzZy

    G- rEaT 2 gIvE & 2 rEcEiVe

    S- uRe 2 MaKe AnYoNe’S dAy

    I hOpE tHiS
    MaKeS uR dAy BrIgHtEr.

  By: Saima Baloch   Send To Mobile
  • What does NWFP Means
    Pathan interview denay gaya us se pocha gaya ke NWFP ka kya matlab hai?

    Pathan ne jawaab diya:

    N= No
    W= Women
    F= For
    P= Pathan. !!!

  By: SMS Reseller   Send To Mobile
  • SMS Means
    S . M . S Doesn’t Mean
    "Short Messaging Servie".

    It Only Means
    "Sweet . Memories . Shared"

    With A Special, Loving, Caring & Sweet Person Like You.

  By: Alina Amaan   Send To Mobile
  • Bhai stands for
    Do u know what Bhai stands for BHAI

    B.. Best
    H.. Husband
    A.. Among
    I.. Ideals

    So be the Bhai of every girl.

  By: Asad Siddiqui   Send To Mobile
  • Description of SMS
    Description of SMS
    S: Salaa
    M: Muft da
    S: Siyapa

    Jay na kro ty kanjoos. Jy kro ty wella..

  By: Send Free SMS   Send To Mobile
  • What is MOHABBAT
    What is MOHABBAT?

    M= Mot.
    O= Oljhan.
    H= Harna.
    A= Aansu.
    B= Bewafai.
    B= Barbadi.
    A= Andhera.
    T= Tanhai.

    SO friendship is always better than love.

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  • Meaning of Study
    What is the True meaning of ‘Study’ ???

    S. Sleeping
    T. Talking
    U. Unlimited SMS
    D. Dreaming
    Y. Yawning…
    So STUDY hard ok !!!!

  By: Fuzail   Send To Mobile
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