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Best Collection of New Abbreviation SMS at Funny SMS

We have a large collection of Abbreviated Text SMS / SMS in short form. Send these short form sms to your friends. Find our large collection of Abbreviation SMS. You can also Submit Abbreviation SMS here.

Latest Abbreviation SMS:

  • Live with 3 E's and 3 F's
    Live With The 3 E's . . .

    And The 3 F's . . .

    Then U Will Feel Life In Ur Life.

  By: Wasiq Ansari   Send To Mobile
  • Romantic Countries
    These are some of the romantic countries in the world

    Hope Our Love Lasts And Never Dies

    I Trust And Love You

    Love Is Beautiful You Also

  By: Jasper   Send To Mobile
    G: God
    O: Offers us His
    O: Outstanding
    D: Devotion 2

    M: Make us
    O: Obedient &
    R: Ready 4 a
    N: Newday 2
    I: Initiate
    N: New Aim 4 d
    G: Glory of God


  By: Wasiq Ansari   Send To Mobile
  • Education Is Incomplete
    Education Is Incomplete Without 5 B's
    B - Bikes.
    B - Beers.
    B - Babes.
    B - Bunks. And The Most Important.
    B - Backlogs.

  By: Asad Siddiqui   Send To Mobile
  • FRIEND Means

    *Field of love*
    *Root of joy*
    *Island of God*
    *End of sorrows*
    *Name of hope*
    *Door of understanding*

  By: Funter   Send To Mobile
  • Ajeeb-o-Gareeb SMS
    India me ek Ajeeb-o-Gareeb SMS hai,
    Bolta B hai, Chalta B hai, Khata B hai,

    Monchen hen us ki, Pagri pehnta hai,

    Naam hai uska?


  By: Master Mind   Send To Mobile
  • ISLAM stands for:
    ISLAM stands for:

    I = I
    S = Should
    L = Love
    A = Always
    M = Muhammad (S.A.W)

  By: Wasiq Ansari   Send To Mobile
  • What Pakistan Means
    Do You Know What Pakistan Means?



    Let Me Tell You

    P-> Perfect
    A-> Ambitious
    K-> Kool
    I-> Islamic
    S-> Super
    T-> Talented
    A-> Able
    N-> Nation. . .

  By: Alina Amaan   Send To Mobile
  • Meaning of WIFE
    Husband asks: Do you know the meaning of WIFE? It means?

    Without Information, Fighting Everytime!

    WIFE says: No darling, It means:

    With Idiot For Ever.

  By: Asad Siddiqui   Send To Mobile
  • CLICK Means
    C=Can''t live without u.
    L=Love U.
    I=I miss U.
    C=Care About U.
    K=Kiss from my Heart to u
    So, When U miss me just say:- (CLICK)

  By: Humbugg TheGreat   Send To Mobile
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