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Funny SMS / Text Messages and Jokes of the Day in Urdu, Hindi, English

Latest SMS Collection for Friday 29, April 2016. Funny SMS for April and Top Popular Urdu & Hindi Funny SMS & Jokes for 2016. Funny SMS Pakreseller is best SMS and Jokes site online. We provide latest collection of best funny sms and funny jokes available on the net. We daily update our site, so visit daily to read sms and funny jokes in different categories.
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  • Good News
    A Man received d phone
    from Emergency Room of Hospital

    Doctor: Your wife was in a fatal car
    accident & I've bad n good news.

    The bad news is,
    She has lost both arms n legs n
    will b on a respirator d rest of her life.

    Man: Oh my God, whats the good

    Doctor: I'm kidding,
    She is Dead...;-p

    Category: English Funny SMS  By: Haya Ali  Send To Mobile
  • Banana
    Professor: Chemical symbol of Barium?

    Sardar: BA

    Professor: For sodium?
    Sardar: NA

    Professor: What will we get if 1 Atom of BA
    & 2 Atoms of NA combined?

    Sardar: BANANA..;-p

    Category: Sardar Ji SMS  By: Haya Ali  Send To Mobile

  • 500CC Bike
    One Man was having 350cc Bullet Bike.
    He was not able to Talk to his Girlfriend
    while Riding on it because of the Noise Generated by it.

    Being fed up,
    He Sold his Bullet Bike and Bought a 100cc Bike.

    He soon Got Married to the Same Girlfriend.
    And after a passage of 1 year,
    He Bought a 500cc Bullet...:-p:D


    Category: English Funny SMS  By: Haya Ali  Send To Mobile
  • Husband's Hair
    Lady 1: I suppose you carry a memento of some sort in that locket of yours?

    Lady 2: Yes, it is a lock of my husband's hair.

    Lady 1: But your husband is still alive?

    Lady 2: Yes, but his hair are gone..:-)

    Category: English Funny SMS  By: Haya Ali  Send To Mobile

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