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  • Jokes-Come -Puzzle
    Jokes-Come -Puzzle..!

    Q1- Which Month have 28 days?

    Q2- If U Drop a White Hat into the Red Sea, What does It Become?

    Q3- What Starts with e, ends with e, But has only 1 letter?

    Q4- What has a Head & a Tail but no body?

    Q5- What has Arms & Legs but no Head?

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  • Pakistani kaam
    Pakistani Boy In Night Club to a Girl :
    Kitny Paise lo gi?

    Girl : 100

    Boy ; 200 dunga, lekin Kaam Pakistani kerun ga.

    Girl Dar gai aur boli : No

    Boy 2nd Girl se : Kitny Paise lo gi?

    Girl : 200

    Boy : 400 dunga, lekin kaam Pakistani kerun ga.

    Girl : No

    Boy to 3rd Girl : Kitny Paise lo gi?

    Girl : 250

    Boy : 500 dunga, lekin kaam pakistan kerun ga.

    Girl : OK


    Pakistani Kaam ker k Chala gaya..

    1st & 2nd girls asked 3rd girl : What Is Pakistani kaam??


    Girl : Udhaar ker gaya Harami..;-(

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